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Traders lifestyle

You could hear a lot about traders glam lifestyle. But that’s not true. All traders work hard, analyze a lot of information, build investment and trading plans, improve trading and money management strategies, etc.


Building wealth takes time, planning, and discipline. Don’t believe stories some guy became rich trading binaries and other fairy tales. Trading is excellent – you can plan your day, have enough time for your family, work from any corner of the world, but you have to WORK to become rich.


Many traders, including me, have families. But unlike many other families, traders can travel a lot and enjoy life. That’s what my kids adore to do. They can’t stay in one place for a long time. When I first made big money in trading, I decided to build a home I dreamed about. Well, I spent a few million to make my dream come true. But in a year, we all realized we want something other. I have a big home, but almost don’t live in it. The world is so beautiful, so many great places to see!


Traders don’t live glam life. Like others, we enjoy Sundays with parents and grannies; we dream to make something meaningful, to become the reason for changes in a world. Financial success gives more freedom, and this obligates to help others. That was the reason I joined the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women,  where I am working to promote gender equity, human rights, transparency, and empower women.


Traders come to this business to fulfill themselves. Yes, we do it because of money, we like making money. Money is freedom, and freedom is peace in your mind.


I was born in Ukraine in a small village, and I know for sure what does financial freedom means and what it takes to get it. There is no glam, but there are hard work and strong desire, passion, and dedication. We are risk takers, working hard, and that makes us winners in the money game.


This is a traders lifestyle!

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