I turned $10k into $ 3 000 000 in a few years of active trading.

I have over $ 15 000 000 of clients’ funds under management.

Awarded in 2019 – Leading Innovator in Wealth Management and Most Outstanding Woman in Finance.

I am here to help you to invest in a smarter way and grow  your wealth

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Managed accounts are the best way to gain high returns


Being a trader, who turned $10 000 into millions in a few years, I use my knowledge and experience to offer managed trading accounts, managed portfolios, and SMA with an investment mix that’s based on your needs and goals and I know how to reach It.

By understanding your financial goals and needs, I can offer the best suitable for your investment and trading plan and bring you the best of my industry – leading expertise in managing your trading account and investment portfolio.

Portfolio management and building trading strategy is the skill of choosing and managing a mix of investments and trading instruments, combining long-term investments and intraday trades to meet YOUR unique needs and goals, to give your money the best possibility of growth and making you rich, while you will enjoy your life with people you love.

You are welcome to read recent customer reviews of Inna Rosputnia, Lady F Trader Managed Accounts. I am so grateful for the warm words investors have said about me. Year by year we became a family.
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Samples of Recent Managed Accounts Returns

My investment and trading philosophy is based on Nobel Prize winning academic research that explains how markets really work and how to invest in a smarter way. I construct investment portfolios and build trading strategy for managed accounts based on years of academic study rather than the latest “sales idea.”

What is a managed trading account and how does it work?

Managed trading account is an investment account that is owned by you – individual investor and overseen by me – a professional trader and experienced money manager. You have 24 hours access to your funds and can see open trades. I don’t have any direct access to your account and can only make trades and investments on your behalf via the allocation tool your trading account will be linked to. I don’t charge any management or other monthly fees. We only share gained profits. So, you can be sure I treat your account, like my own. I use my complex analysis to pick up the best investment opportunities and short-term trades with an excellent risk/reward ratio that helps to get high annual returns with very low risk. My money management strategy allows using your assets most effectively and grows your wealth faster. Bankers admitted my trading and money management strategy during the Women Economic Forum.

You get expert and precise answers to all your detailed questions about investments, trading, managed accounts, separately managed accounts SMA, managed investment portfolios, financial planning, global markets, money and risk management, stocks, futures, commodities. I deliver institutional-grade portfolio management. In fact – I love to say “I keep answering questions until you can’t think of any more.” We are creating your wealth and well-being, and we both have to be clear about what your current assets can afford you to make an investment plan on how to build further assets and grow your wealth. Your trading account, investment portfolio and your wealth are expertly cared for by Inna Rosputnia, Lady F Trader – a person deeply committed to your success and thriving. 

My experience

I have over nine years of experience. In 2016 I was nominated to Women in Finance Awards for Trader, who turned $10k into $3 million in a few years of active trading, my hard-work has bagged me the ‘Leading Innovator in Wealth Management’ and ‘Most Outstanding Woman in Finance 2019’. I work with institutional and retail clients. 

Your guarantees

There are no better guarantees than 24 hours of control under your funds. Your money is always in your managed account. You can monitor real-time what positions are open. Only you as the account holder can withdraw your funds. My trades are only automatically allocated on your trading account, and I don’t have any direct access to it. A smart investment plan I use for managed accounts allows starting preparing for tomorrow’s needs (and wants) today. I have a family of investment plans and trading strategies that are based on Nobel Prize-winning academic research and designed specially to help you make the most of your investment dollars. 


I share your vision for your future, and I am here to help you make it real. 

It’s not for everyone.

But it’s for you if you believe that money is about life and life is about living.

Living large.

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  • Thank you for 3 years of great partnership. You are the best trader I ever worked with.
    Lucie Stone, working mom and happy investor
  • I learned a lot from you. Thank you for great management, high constant annual profits and sharing your experience. You changed all my life!!!!
    Julie Drake, teacher
  • So young and so smart. Thank you for great job you are doing and profits you are earning at managed accounts.
    Mark Shonenberg, retired
  • You are simply the best! I am so glad I found you! Thank you for 2 profitable years and great friendship!
    Olga Weisman, Designer
  • I am happy to work with you and finally I have confidence in my financial future. Thank you for peace in my mind )))))
    Eugen Kiperman, business owner


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