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SP500, Natural Gas, EUR/USD market outlook for 25 – 29 November 2019

Guys, I am so sorry I left you without updates for 2 weeks. I had a really busy schedule and even didn’t have a chance to sleep well. A lot of things are happening – I developed and tested new trading strategy; a lot of new investors are joyning my managed accounts; video calls, articles and much much more and of course – kids!!! But I will stick to our schedule on Lady F TV and add more content. So, let’s move on.

An uncertain picture is in SP500. Cycles suggest we should see decline soon. But I don’t see a sell signal yet. We made good profits here. The market reached our target at 3100 and gave even more pips. So, I think the best what you can do is to take your profits or add tight trailing stops and wait. No need to risk your money now. Let’s wait a bit.

Another situation is in Natural Gas. We have paunch on a daily chart, possible accumulation in 4h chart (not confirmed yet) and finally seasonal factor. With this in mind, I look for a buy signal in NG. A pullback and rejection will be enough for me to go long. Targets? – I believe retest of recent highs near $3 with possible extension to $3.250. This autumn we managed to catch one wave up and I hope for one more.

Not much happens in EUR/USD. The market consolidates still on a daily chart. Cycles suggest price can stuck here till next year. So, no swing trades now in this pair. Sort term traders should watch price action near 1.1050 – 1.1060. If it gets there and rejects, sell for 1.098. If 1.098 rejects, go long. All other levels can be considered only for small scalping. This is it.

Wishing you a great week!