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Trump’s tweet about Dollar & Euro. What is wrong there?

     My kids were sleeping after the long flight and I had a lot of time. So, I decided to have a look at Trump’s tweets. Oh yeah, I didn’t have what to do lol One tweet really caught my attention. Here it is 

     What? The dollar is strongest in history now? Com’on, guys, the president has to check info before making such statements. Does it mean US President is far from reality and have no idea how the economy is doing? I was shocked. 

     But it is not the only issue with this tweet. He is right that the cheap Euro is good for the European economy. But it doesn’t mean the cheap dollar will have the same influence on the US economy. Export is the basis of the German and French economy. And you likely know that the European Union was established to lobby its interests. Well, not officially of course. While import is more important for the US economy. It’s not my opinion, its real data from Bureau of Economic Analysis. The dollar has to be balanced to support import and export. Even in the case of the Euro, there is always the limit when too cheap currency can hurt the economy. And that is the moment when the central bank will come into the play and Forex will fulfill its regulative function.

     I got a lot of questions after reading this tweet. Oh, well we should get used to Trump and the new style of presidency.

Happy trading to all!