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Federal Reserve vs Trump. Is Andrew Jackson Trump’s role model?

    We have talked so many times about Trump and Federal Reserve. But we have never discussed Trump’s fight with Federal Reserve. He is trying to use the central bank’s weapons against itself during all his presidency.

     Actually, in one of his interview, Mr. President mentioned he and Andrew Jackson have similar views. Just want to remind you that Andrew Jackson saw the biggest problem for the US economy in the central banking system. And he suspended it in the US. Andrew Jackson said many times that free banking market is better for the economy. Well, I am not a judge. But look at debt under Jackson’s presidency – it makes us think he was right, isn’t it?

    Anyway, Trump even said the US could avoid civil war if Jackson was a President. He is right in one thing – war is always about the money and never about human rights, protecting someone or giving freedom. Global central banking system used the situation in the US with slaves to start inner conflict and establish a strong central bank in America. The funny thing is Trump is a businessman and he is also always about the money 🙂 Look at his twits – he changes his mind and tone a few times a day. What is this? – Help for ‘banksters’ to make money in the market? Oh well, in this case, a central bank is an obstacle for them all

    So, what is this fight about? Does Trump want to improve the US economy or he wants to have total control on the economy and markets? I understand how US citizens feel about the central bank. They pay huge taxes. And later their money goes to the treasury and International Monetary Fund and finally giving away to emerging countries where it will be stolen for sure by corrupted officials. But I am not sure Trump is fighting to protect their money. As I said he is a businessman and I believe having more control is his aim.

Happy trading to all!