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Cannabis stocks – is it good investment?

     We wanted to have fun on the beach today with kids, but all of the sudden rain began. Anyway, I managed to make at least a short video about cannabis stocks. Actually one of my friends recently asked me about this kind of long term investments.

     I agree cannabis stocks have significant potential, but there are some risks you need to be aware of before taking a decision. First of all, it is regulation. Well, with this government we will see softening. But you know the new Government – new rules. Who knows what may happen. Anyway, it is related to the medical industry, and every day, lots of researches are done. I mean every evolutional step in medicine is a potential risk for medical cannabis.

     Another essential task is to pick up stocks for long term investments. This industry is new, and we don’t have trusted leaders yet. Companies will come and go; we will see buy out, creating of holdings and corporations, etc. So, you need to follow basic tips to pick up stocks for long term portfolio. Pay special attention to the company’s assets. This is your security. In the case of bankruptcy, you will get at least some money back. In a word, analyze carefully before taking the final decision. There is significant potential, and there is a risk.


Good trading!