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Trader’s life. A day at Kantara Castle

     You already know about amazing St. Hilarion Castle, and I decided to show all three castles of a protective axis. So, we took our driver and went to Kantara. This castle is at the lowest point of three – 560 meters. As St. Hilarion it was build to serve as a watchtower to see pirates ships coming to the island. It is also called Richard Lion Heart Castle. And here is why…

     Richard took Cyprus in his fight against the island’s ruler. It happened in this castle. He was the only one who somehow could get into castle without being seen by soldiers. Anyway, he had no idea what to do with Cyprus. Richard didn’t have any interest in this island. So, after scratching his head, he decided to sell it to  Knights Templar.  Later they resold it to the House of Lusignan

     This Castle is smaller than St. Hilarion Castle and has fewer stairs lol. It helps in hot weather. After a visit to Kantara, we had tasty BBQ. You know there are a lot of cats in the forest here 🙂 In a word, we had a great day, and we plan to visit Buffavento Castle soon. 

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