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Trader’s life. Visiting ancient renewed village

     We had a lovely weekend in an ancient renewed village. My kids were so happy; we are all in love with old Mediterranean streets

     The village was built in the Bronze Age and had a very long history. In ancient times people build homes high enough in the foothills to see ships coming and get prepared to fight. That was a kind of protection from raiders. In 1974 the village was heavily damaged. Its new history began in 1982 when local authorities decided to lease houses to foreigners with only one condition – they had to restore it with their money. And it worked very well. Almost 150 buildings have been renewed. As local people were not allowed to live in a village, it became a German-British community.

     There are two restaurants and even an art gallery. We met with painter Billy and had a lovely talk. He is from London, retired and absolutely in love with the Mediterranean 🙂 He found the best place for inspiration. This village has a special spirit!