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Patience and Trading. Trading tips

    I hope all of you use my tips to develop confidence in trading. Let’s talk today about one more key to gaining profits – patience. “Patience pays,” “patience is a virtue” – nothing new for you. But why still so many traders (especially beginners) ignore these golden words?

    Most of the newbies come to trading if they need money tomorrow. That is wrong. It’s better to buy ice-cream for kinds. Even Warren Buffet used to say: “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” I can’t find better words. Building wealth takes time as there are no significant opportunities every day. You know 80% of the time market is flat (I mean daily and weekly time frames). Other 20% give great opportunity to gain huge profits. But the thing is impatient traders, lose all the money in the dead market, and when finally a big trend starts, they don’t have money to trade. I am not saying the flat market doesn’t give a chance to make money, but profits are limited. 

     I get lots of messages every day from people who started trading. Almost all of them think I make huge profits every day. But that’s not true. Yes, I manage to make on average 300% on managed accounts year from year. But mostly it happens thanks to two or three huge trends a year — all other time I enjoy small profits. Big money can be made only in a big move. And such opportunities don’t happen every month. Be patient, and I am 100% sure you succeed in trading!

Good luck!