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EUR/USD analysis & trading forecast for 11 – 15 March 2019

       Last week EUR/USD fell like a stone. So, congratulation to all who listened to my previous analysis and trading forecast

     As you already know ECB is not going to hike interest rates this year. Well, it was a bit surprising, as most of traders expected to see hike till end of 2019. Also, ECB announced refinancing program. But the most discussing topic was NFP data. The numbers were so low. And I know it makes to worry many traders. Well, guys, come down. All is fine – economy is still doing good, nothing bad happened. Really, what numbers could we expect after such long shutdown? I told you many times traders have to know how to read and understand the data. The only reason NFP showed 20k was shutdown. Now lets see what charts are saying.

      We still have one more chance to short EUR/USD. But don’t be greedy. We took good profits and now have to be more careful as soon reversal will happen. Watch 1.12700 – 1.12400 for rejection, second sellers zone –  1.1300- 1.13300. Then I expect to see reversal from 1.11400 – 1.11000 range. So, don’t miss to book profits. Besides, many other markets will give nice trading opportunities in March. I think my trading signals subscribers will be very busy this month 🙂


Good luck and good trading!