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Managed accounts performance in September. How returns depend on account size

   Time flies so fast. One more trading month has gone. All markets were mostly consolidating, not much impulsive moves we had. But September was good for scalping and gave monthly returns 30% – 50% on managed accounts

   ROI depends on account size. As bigger accounts has opportunity to build balanced portfolio. To keep it simple, bigger account = more allocated trades. Below you can see samples of managed accounts performance in September, that shows how returns can depend on deposit amount.

   Separately managed accounts (SMA) has mix of long-term investments and short-term trades and are fully customized, depending on risk tolerance and financial goals of investor.

   I always build strategy based on client expectations. By understanding your financial goals and needs I can offer the best suitable for you investment and trading plan and bring you the best of my industry – leading expertise in managing your trading account and investment portfolio. I believe that individual approach is the key to successful and long-term partnership.

   As for me, managed account is the best and most safety type of investments. You as investor have 24 hours access to your funds and can see real time what trades are open. Even investment companies can’t offer it. You should wait to see results and trust them your funds. In the case of managed accounts your money are always on your account and only you as account holder have access to it. All trades are automatically allocated, that gives max security for investors.

managed accounts

   I don’t charge any management or other monthly fees, we only share gained profits. So, you can be sure I treat you account, like my own. I use my complex analysis to pick up the best investment opportunities and short-term trades with good risk/reward ratio that helps to get high annual returns with very low risk, my money management strategy gives opportunity to use your assets in the most effective way and grow your wealth faster. My trading and money management strategy was admitted by bankers during Women Economic Forum and after that I was nominated to Women in Finance Awards.

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