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Market overview 15 – 30 October 2017. Forecast and trading signals

As it was predicted in my previous video Gold started to rally. I think this market is by only till the end of this year. So, wait for pullback and take buy signals in Gold. The same story with Bonds. This year Gold and Bonds are almost twins )))
I expect a lot of trading opportunities coming few weeks. So, let’s start with JPY futures (if you trade forex you have to analyse another currency in the pair before taking decisions). I expect this market will rally soon. So take buy signals and hold your position. Another market that can raly soon is sugar. Those of you, who have traded sugar before, know that this market can bounce for some time before final breakup. So, take buy signals, use stops and wait for 15.20 – 15.40 per contract.
Not all markets will rally, I think Canadian dollar futures will give us sell signal – breakdown, false breakup etc. So, look for and take sell signals.
Markets will give us much more trading opportunities coming few weeks. So, subscribe to my trading signals and don’t miss out!