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3 markets where you can expect big trend till the end of this year. Market comments and trading forecast

Today I decided to make trading forecast and want you to pay your attention to 3 markets, that I think will give us good trading opportunities and profits till the end of this year.
So, let’s start with EUR currency. Those of you who follow me for a long time, know that I made trading forecast on this market — bouncing for some time and then downtrend will come into the play. Now market is trading in the channel, as it was predicted. But we are interested in future of EUR. If fundamental factors will not change, I think in the middle of November (that is approximately) we can get sell signal from resistance of trading channel (or near that level), that will be beginning of middle term downtrend.
Another market, that can offer big short is US stock market. Yes, very unpopular opinion now. But again, those of you who follow me for a long time, remember my other “unpopular and wild” predictions — downtrend in gold, oil or buying US market no matter who would win elections. What a great profits, we have made! 
I think there is a big difference between these 2 expected downtrends — EUR is expected to have very technical trend, but US market I think will go down sharply, without giving strong or even medium signals.
Our next market is gold. We didn’t talk about it for a long time. As I am not a fan to trade gold short term. I adore this market, when it breaks from channel and gives us middle term trades. I don’t see now this opportunity, but taking into account geopolitical tension and possible crash of US market, we can expect an aggressive uptrend in gold. So, just pay your attention to these markets and take signals.

Wish you all good trades and smile!