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Market overview – US and German Indexes

Last week all US indexes drifted lower, as we predicted it. There are 3 main fundamental reasons that influence markets now. 
1. Tension with Northern Korea. Still we can see escalation of this conflict, that is the main risk for markets and world peace.
2. Concern about tax reform. Investors are loosing their faith, that Trump can realize his promisses.
3. Hurricane. We will see a lot of volatility this week, specially in insurance sector and specially, when we will get some numbers and calculations of damages. Florida is a tourism state and hurricane hurts local economy. To recover infrastructure Florida will need an aid from the Federal government.
So, over middle term, we think these fundamental factors will continue to pressure the markets. But over short term we will get opportunities for going long as well.
This week, we are waiting for main US economic reports –  Producer Prices, Consumer Prices, Weekly Unemployment Claims and Retail Sales. But our main attention is given to economic impact of Hurricane Irma.
Another interesting instrument is DAX30, that showed it’s strength last week and it’s not surprise. Strong economical data supports upper movement. It looks like most safety among all stock markets, but there is also some risks, like Norhern Korea conflict and coming elections in Germany. Any way, we preffer to take buy signals in DAX, as we expect it will continue to go up and can reach 12 500 and 13 000 given enough time.