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The best trading strategy

Recently I got an email from Marry. She tried all the strategies she could find over the Internet, as she wrote, but all of them are not working.
To be honest I often hear such stories. If stategy works for one trader, it have to work for other as well. Yes, someone can like it more and feel more comfortable to use it – all because of mental and psychological reasons – we all are different. Any way, to say that startegy is doesn’t work, you can only after you learn it in detals and practice a lot – ther is no 100% profitable strategies. Loses are business expenditures in trading, as electricity in hotel business etc. Think you got it. 
So, for example if you want to become price action trader, learn one set up first – let’s say pin bar. You have to know all about it – at what market it works best of all, on what timeframes etc. Only after you will become ‘a pin bar master’ you can start learning other price action setup.
So, the best strategy – is the strategy psychologically comfortable for you and one you are master at it.
Wish you good trades!