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Future of stock market. Are we close to trend change or next financial crisis?


As I get a lot of emails and questions about future of stock market, I made short video to share my opinion. I think it’s too early to talk about trend change, but be ready for really significant pullback. As there is no signs of recession yet (you know that main indicator of recession is unemployment data). 

Any way I will not be surprised (with all these political dramas and risks in macroeconomy) to see new financial crisis this year or next year. Those of you who like history, can find a lot of common in Trump and Reigan presidency. The same skyrocket market, the same euphoria… and BOOM – financial crisis in 1987. 

Besides, don’t forget about cycles – new crises evry 10 year – such a pullback of global uptrend )))

But it’s good for traders, isn’t it? )))

Wish you all good trades!