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Forecast S&P 500, June 2017 from female trader Inna Rosputnia, Lady F

Hi guys!
So, how do you like my previous forecast? Profitable? – Yes. It’s time to close your positions in gold and bonds. Last week I got tone of emails and all want to know if there is still room for uptrend in S&P 500. My answer is yes. I think coming 2 weeks look for and take buy signals – market will reach new highs, maybe near 2480. But be cautious – I think on June 20 – 22, we can have a big sell off. By the way in the middle of July we may have bigger sell off ))) It’s too early to talk about bear market, as there is no sign of recession – we know it from Friday’s unemployment data.

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Good luck and good trading!

Inna Rosputnia, female trader