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How to start trading stocks, forex, bonds, commodities? Tips from woman trader and selfmade millionaire

Thank you all for your messages! It’s a pleasure to hear from you always! Recently I got few messages with the some question – How to start trading stocks, forex and bonds etc. So today I will give you short guidance.

First of all you have to get good education. Don’t try to get your education absolutely for free. In trading you will pay for education any way – if you will not get enough knowledge, you will get huge losses. Believe me, I know ir fron my own experience. Education gives you basics, understanding of markets, how to make money on market etc.

Second step is to open an account. You can start with virtual account, but as soon as you are ready open real account with small amount of investments. Here is why – emotions on virtual account trading and emotions on real account trading are two different things.

Third step is to find good mentor. It’s much different from education. As mentor quides you and help you to find your owm way in trading and build your own strategy. Don’t try to copy other traders and their strategies. We are humans and we all are different. The same strategy can work perfect for one trader, but be unacceptable for other. Mentor helps you to understand yourself and build strategy within your comfort zone.

Hope my advices will help you to start trading!

Inna Rosputnia, Lady F - female trader and selfmade millionaire shares tips how to start trading