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Developing self-esteem is key to your success

Come on a journey with me, where the destination is ‘becoming your own best friend’.There are many things we’ll learn along the way, but for today I’d like to start by discussing the importance of developing high positive self-esteem.

Basically, self-esteem is how we value ourselves; it’s an essential requirement for us tothrive – to have normal healthy development. It’s how we perceive our value to the world and how valuable we think we are to others.

Self-esteem affects our trust in others, our relationships, our work, nearly every part of our lives. It arises automatically from within based upon a person’s beliefs and consciousness.

Self-esteem occurs in conjunction with a person’s thoughts, behaviours, feelings and actions.

Positive (high) self-esteem gives us the strength and flexibility to take charge of our lives and grow from our mistakes without the fear of rejection.

Developing your own self-esteem is the key to becoming the fully conscious leader of the future. Sam Walton (founder of Walmart) highlights this so eloquently:

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish”

Women with high self-esteem will show up in their complete wholeness. It’s not that they have it all together: they’re not perfect, and they allow themselves to know they’re a whole human being with all their imperfections ¾ knowing there are many things they still have to learn, let go of and evolve into. Continuously learning, growing and evolving is the right path.

They are women who allow themselves to shine their light, even knowing they are not perfect. Women who want to show up in their full magnificence ¾ and even though they might not know at the start what it looks like, they know how it feels.

They are not necessarily women with self confidence. We gain confidence by being able to do something really well and just because we have self confidence does not mean we have self-esteem.

A self confident woman generally has all the skills and tools, all the nuances down pat. She gets her recognition from everyone else letting her know how well she is performing. But she could still be lacking self-esteem.

The strongest factor for success is self-esteem:

  • Believing you can do it
  • Believing you deserve it
  • Believing you will get it

Creating High Self- Esteem

The key to developing high self-esteem starts with you creating a few daily routines. By making these a habit, you’ll be amazed how quickly your life will begin to change and then you’re well on the road to becoming your own best friend.

  1. The way you speak to yourself.

Continual negative self talk can make us more depressed and ensures that your self-esteem remains low. Our sub conscious does not understand negative words so rephrase negative words as the subconscious will create the positive. Instead of saying ‘this is difficult’ say ‘this is not yet easy’ and before long it will be easy. 

  1. Writing a daily gratitude journal.

Most people concentrate on the negative things in their lives or all the things they wish they had. By creating a daily gratitude journal we begin to flip that around and you’ll start to see all the positives and before too long you really don’t notice any of the negatives.

  1. Spend time looking at yourself in the mirror.

Begin each day by looking in the mirror and start to see the person that everyone else sees. Stand there looking at who you are. Look past your body image and think about some challenges you met and overcame, even ones from the day before. Some women find it helps to listen to a positive song … my favourite is”I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Miraz.