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Investments and wealth management for women

IĀ understand that women have unique wealth management needs that differ from men. I am aware that women have a growing desire to advocate for themselves in regard to their finances and are increasingly controlling a significant amount of wealth. My ultimate goal is to deliver the knowledge and the peace of mind necessary to make solid financial decisions and flourish in life.

Planning unique to women includes factoring that women may earn less over their lifetime due to wage disparity and that women may take time from the workforce to raise children and care for aging parents. This, on top of the need to plan for a longer female life expectancy, makes strategizing for the future even more important now.

I work with women in a variety of situations, including women who come to me due to transitions such as divorce or loss of a loved one. I understand the challenges that arise during transitions and assist clients in making necessary timely decisions while strategically planning for the future. I empower women to make educated decisions that are consistent with their values and goals.

I also work with independent women, including corporate executives and business owners and partner with them to understand the options available. For corporate executives, this could mean taking advantage of company benefits, including the best timing to exercise stock options and diversify company stocks. For business owners, planning includes integrating business and personal finance goals by considering cash flow needs, retirement plan options and succession planning.

My goal is to engage women in the planning process by listening carefully and designing a customized money management plan.