Women Empowerment

Need And Importance Of Women Empowerment

The terms Women Empowerment refers to the increasing of the spiritual, social, political or economic strength of all women. It is frequently seen that the empowered in their capacities develop confidence.

Empowerment of women is conceivably the sum total of the points listed below or parallel capabilities:

  • Having the power of making decisions for self.
  • Having access to resources and information for proper decision making.
  • Having numerous options to choose from (instead of yes/no, either/or).
  • Ability of showing assertiveness while making decisions collectively.
  • Ability to think positively to bring about a change.
  • Ability of developing new skills for group power and self improvement
  • Ability of using democratic means to change perceptions of others.
  • Adopting changes and a growth process that are self initiated and never ending.
  • Overcoming stigma and staying focused on increasing positive self-image.

Today, women share equal status as men. More stress should be laid on empowering rural women and their development. A special focus should be on empowering girls and women, since it will lead to a change in the society which would be sustainable and will be in effect for ages to come.. A united approach must be followed while empowering women it is a social cause that requires stewardship and continuous attention from every individual.  Society needs to enhance its efforts for women empowerment and to boost the progress being made by women. It is society’s constitutional, moral and social responsibility to confirm women’s progress giving women equal opportunities and rights.

Women today are ruling over the world and making their mark in various fields with the dedication and hard work shown by them to excel in their area of expertise. Women are not treated as an object or slave, rather they have now become independent of unethical societal norms imposed on them. As a result, companies are hiring are women force in more numbers since they have shown excellence in dedication towards their work as well as striking a perfect balance between their social, personal and professional life.Female job seekers were not given much preference earlier but now they are preferred candidates for many jobs.