Women Empowerment

Breaking stereotypes

Our society has a greate number of destructive for personal fulfillment stereotypes. We always heare about “woman’s” and “man’s” role, “woman’s” and “man’s “ profession. Such stereopypes aimed to hold people in helpless pawn mode. Its not a secrete that main our need is self-actualization.  It takes a lot of courage and spiritual strength to be atypical women breaking pattern. But the game is worth the candle. How it to be a woman in a “man’s world of trading and investing”? I think trading is a field of honuor and gender equity is its queen in true. Women have all to thrive in this field.Our undeniable advantages: 1. Caution. There is no doubt, that men have more confidence in trading, but it often plays Old Harry with them 2. Patience is our virtue. Women can wait for good possibility to enter the market as long as it will be necessary. But men… Our dear boys are always ready to fight, even if there is no need in it. 3. Self scrutiny. Woman always analyses all her steps, mistakes. This turns all her experince into positive experience. She learns all the time. Men mostly much too ambitious to do it and sometimes their experience become a trash because of it. Woman is a huge ressource able to change world and breake any stereotypes. The only she needs is Archimedean point – belief and desire.