My name is Inna.

I am financial futures trader.


I turned $10k into

$ 3 000 000 in a few years.

In 2016 I was nominated

to Women in Finance


Quickly about me:

• Being a Female Trader, who Became Selfmade Millionaire, I Understand Women Have Special Needs, when it Comes to Investing • I Have Special Mission -to Enagage Women into Investing, Empower them and Show that Trading is for Women • In Trading Since 2009 • Own Advanced Trading Strategies • My Investment and Trading Philosophy Is Based on Nobel Prize Winning Academic Research, that Helps me to Provide the Best Managed Accounts Service and Trading Signals • New Approach to Providing Trading Signals, that Includes Live Chat for Traders • Specializing in Helping Women Have Thriving Financial Lives • Serving High Net Worth Individuals, Families, Trusts & Estates • Comprehensive Financial Planning specialty • Portfolio Management Expertise • Focus on your Wealth & Well-Being (it’s about more than just the money)



My Sweetest and Dearest


Home, Sweet Home

Are you…

ready to get serious about retirement planning?

uncomfortable managing your own finances?

feeling like your portfolio is a hodge-podge with no real plan?

Do you…

worry about how to handle your sudden wealth?

have the knowledge, but need the discipline?

feel prepared to manage your money in retirement?

Will you…

have the resources for your children’s education?

be able to turn your wealth into an income stream?

enjoy life more knowing you have a professional financial ally?

I am here to help you 

This summer managed accounts got 41,78% returns. How much you could earn with me while taking vacations and enjoying your life?

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