“Wall Street got it’s youngest Queen (Inna Rosputnia), who embodies the mind and the spirit of the individual trader”

(By these words I was represented at Women Economic Forum)

Winning the Money Game

Being a female trader, who started from zero and became selfmade millionaire, I believe that we’re all in a big “game” the goal of which is to become as alive as possible. To live as fulfilled as we can. I turned $10k into $3 millions in a few years of trading, in 2016 I was nominated to Women In Finance Awards – I know from my experience of being woman in Wall Street, as in any game, we’re faced with opportunities and obstacles – they are what make the game interesting and worthwhile.

I also believe that money is right at the heart of the game. Central to success is building enough wealth to become financially free. And the goal is to build and enjoy that wealth while playing from our “Sweet Spot” – applying our greatest strengths to our deepest passions to make a meaningful difference. That’s life well-played. That’s where we come most alive.

I’m a woman, a trader and I’m passionate about helping you navigate this extremely complex world of money to make great decisions about your wealth. I love helping you care masterfully for your finances. I’m also a mentor and author of a book and I’m passionate about helping you live large. And that comes from knowing what you most want in life, going for it, and having your wealth fuel the adventure.

Wealth and Happiness are intertwined but separate. Each takes careful planning. And you can’t plan for one without planning for the other.

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    'My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people. This obliges me to take stands on controversial issues when others cannot, and taking such positions has itself been a source of satisfaction.'

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    WE Magazine for Women

    'Never give up and be unstopable! To reach any goal you need to make a first step – don’t wait for right time (It will never come), do it now. '

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    Getting rich is not easy, but it’s definitely possible. Building wealth takes serious willpower, long-term vision and discipline.

My Philanthropy

I was born and growing up in Ukraine at a time when it was a battleground between communism and democracy, in the country where my ancestry were subjected to persecution just because they belonged to nobility. My personal experience of this conflict, including poverty, struggling and intol...

Meet my book - best guidance in trading for women, created by female trader


Your way to financial freedom

This book will give women new life that can be greater they could ever imagine. Women from Bible - Esther, Ruth, Martha; historical personalities - Golda Meir, Margaret Tatcher, Mother Teresa - women who changed the world. And inside of each woman, inside of you is the same power, the same strength, the same world changing capability and your responsibility is to find that woman and set her free.

To reach a goal you have to make first step

Do it now!