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   This book will give women new life that can be greater they could ever imagine. Women from Bible – Esther, Ruth, Martha; historical personalities – Golda Meir, Margaret Tatcher, Mother Teresa – women who changed the world. And inside of each woman, inside of you is the same power, the same strength, the same world changing capability and your responsibility is to find that woman and set her free.

   Use my knowledge, use my experience! Open all Wall Street secrets and find your way to financial freedom and peace. “Basic instinct of woman-trader” is an excellent guide on how to get high profits in trading. This book is aimed to make revolution in your awareness, thinking and your vision of market. I believe everyone after reading this book will say: “Oh my God, this is it. I know what I gonna do. This is my key to new life.”

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Official launch – 2016!


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