I turned $10k into $ 3 000 000.
I have $ 6 700 000 of clients funds under management.
In 2016 I was nominated to Women in Finance Awards.
I am here to help you to get life you have always dreamed about

Being a trader, who turned $10 000 into millions in a few years, I use my knowledge and experience to propose an investment mix that’s based on your needs and goals and I know how to reach It.

By understanding your financial goals I can proactively bring you the best of my industry-leading expertise in managing and investing your wealth. Portfolio management is the skill of choosing and managing a mix of investments and trading instruments to meet investors’ unique needs and goals, to give their money the best possibility of growth. Being a trader, who turned $10 000 into millions in a few years, I use my knowledge and experience to propose an investment mix that’s based on your needs and goals and I know how to reach It.

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  • Thank you for 3 years of great partnership. You are the best trader I ever worked with.
    Lucie Stone, working mom and happy investor
  • I learned a lot from you. Thank you for great management, high constant annual profits and sharing your experience. You changed all my life!!!!
    Julie Drake, teacher
  • So young and so smart. Thank you for great job you are doing and profits you are earning.
    Mark Shonenberg, retired
  • You are simply the best! I am so glad I found you! Thank you for 2 profitable years and great friendship!
    Olga Weisman, Designer
  • I am happy to work with you and finally I have confidence in my financial future. Thank you for peace in my mind )))))
    Eugen Kiperman, business owner

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I have many solutions to meet your needs, and I am committed to making your journey toward financial success as easy as possible. 
A smart investment plan allows you to start preparing for tomorrows needs (and wants) today. I have family of investment plans that are designed specially to help you make the most of your investment dollars. 
I share your vision for your future, and I am here to help you make it real. 


When it comes to your financial dreams, taking action is vital to your success. You know where you are and where you want to go, but it’s not always easy.
Investing with one of the most successful women in finance world Inna Rosputnia, Lady F is exclusive and customized service not generally available to individual investors. Individual approach, combined with my expertise, creates exciting possibilities for the future.

My investment and trading philosophy is based on Nobel Prize winning academic research that explains how markets really work and demonstrates how to invest in a smarter way. I construct portfolios based on years of academic study rather than the latest “sales idea.”


Yes – you get expert solutions to all your detailed questions about investments, trading, managed accounts, financial planning, global markets, money and risk management, stocks, futures, commodities. Yes – you get institutional grade portfolio management. In fact – I love to say “I keep answering questions until you can’t think of any more.” But answers alone don’t provide peace of mind. I understand you want to know that they are great answers for YOU and your life and they can help you create life of your dream. That’s why we also spend time getting clear about your goals and what success looks like for you. What’s the outcome? 1. We are creating your wealth and well-being. 2. We get a clear vision of what you want from your wealth, what are your goals and what is success for you. 3. We get clear how much wealth you need to support your thriving life. 4. You are clear about what your current assets are able to afford you. 5. We creat a clear plan how to build further assets. 6. Your entire financial picture is aligned to fuel your success. 7. Your trading account and portfolio is professionally managed by trusted and respected trader – selfmade millionare Inna Rosputnia, Lady F and your wealth is expertly cared for by someone deeply committed to your success and thriving. 8. You are backed by deep and expert institutional resources.


It’s not for everyone. But it’s for you if you believe that money is about life and life is about living. Living large.


This is the next evolution in trading and wealth management…Money and meaning. Wealth and well being. Head and heart. Expertise and emotion. Mechanics and mindset. Fiduciary and fun. Intelligence and inspiration. Dollars and dreams. Cents and sense.