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What Napoleon could teach you about trading?

Few days ago I was watching film about Napoleon. It was very well done, 6-hours long, but I didn’t even notice it. I was so excited. At the end of the film I thought – “What a great trader he could be”.
Napoleon could really teach you a lot about trading. You know, that trading is stressful and nervous, but as Napoleon you have to be always calm to take rational decisions, as Napoleon you have to be unstoppable, unshakable to survive and win in this war. 
One more thing is the fact, that Napoleon was great strategist. That is so important in trading to have good strategy and always to have plan B.  
Let’s have a look at precious metals last Friday and their sudden drop. For some traders it was unexpected, for others it was expected move, but any way it was nothing else like taking stops.
In some way, it was a war between 3 groups – big players, crowd army and you. Big Boys army killed almost all crowd army, taking their stops.
So, what did we? We sent only few soldiers into this battle and when we saw that Big Boys army has done it’s task, we send few big divisions to this sector, means we add more to our long positions in precious metals.
Wish you all good trades!